About Us

Indoor Garden Service is a multidisciplinary company, with Carlos Solis Fernandez at the head of a team of collaborators composed of architects, engineers, environmental consultants and quantity surveyors, able to offer its customers a full service consulting, design, construction and maintenance of vertical gardens , groundcovers and gardens in general. Thus we become one of the great alternatives for implementation and maintenance at the time of our project "GREEN".

Our main objective is to realize the vision of the garden that thought our customer, so that every day can enjoy an excellent and personalized green space.

IGS is located in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), but we have the logistical capacity to build vertical gardens and green roofs anywhere in Spain.

There are very many advantages of installing a vertical garden and even more so when are offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, those hosting these types of systems in its facilities, because they behave as a differentiator for their business and transmitted to customers a message of environmental commitment.

In our range of work we create green spaces, landscaping projects, choosing from an innovative vertical garden, a green cover that will integrate and improve your home with the landscape to biopiscinas, telemanagement systems of irrigation, garden maintenance, garden lighting and everything in what you're thinking.