Renting houseplants

Maceteros de suelo en modalidad de Renting

We offer rental services potted plant with full maintenance included in the price.

Modalities and uses of renting:

  • Short: For less than one month periods. Suitable events, fairs, exhibitions ...


  • Medium: For periods of 1 to 12 months. Interesting to restaurants, real estate ...


  • Large: For periods of one to two years. Ideal for hotels, offices, shops ...



For problem areas where the plants die offer:

Artificial high quality plants and / or Plantaqs lyophilised.


Basic sizes:



Maintenance includes:

  • Irrigations
  • Compost
  • Cleaning the dust (accumulated in the plant)
  • Brightening the leaves (with special lacquers)
  • Pruning branches (dry or damaged leaves)
  • Replacement of plants (when they have fallen ill or died, at no cost to the customer)
  • Orientation change (for uniform growth)
  • cleaning and polishing pots and planters
  • Phytosanitation
  • Insurance against theft, fire and vandalism