Vertical gardens

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Why make vertical gardens? Because people want to be next to green areas of natural plants. The lack of space in cities causes less green areas. Today we take intensely offices and spaces.

IGS incorporates techniques to "paint" vertical walls with natural plants in indoor / outdoor.

ecological and environmental advantages of a vertical garden.

1m2 vertical garden:

  • Purify air 755g / year
  • Fixed 140 g of powder / year

Or what it is the same: Purify car emissions from Barcelona to Moscow (return).

Depending on their size can be:

  1. Plant walls:
  • Cover complete walls
  • Require water intake
  • It requires drain
  • Required electrical outlet
  • They are fixed, adapting to the surface to be covered
  • Inwardly rely floodlit

  1. Plant pictures:
  • Confined in a frame
  • Require only an electrical outlet
  • They are hung on walls
  • They are mobile
  • Irrigated closed circuit
  • Inwardly rely floodlit